Ghost v3 Makes Frontend CI/CD Stupid Simple

I'm not used to being this spoiled by any CI/CD tool. Typically you have to configure a thousand things here and there - but not so with Ghost's fantastic Admin API and premade Github Action. Here's how to set it up in less than five minutes.

If you're new to Ghost, it's a headless CMS powered by a REST API. It's a fantastic platform that lets you build whatever integrations your developer heart desires. Today we'll use that API to automatically integrate theme changes using GitHub Actions.

Step 1: Put your theme in a GitHub repo

Naturally, to use GitHub Actions, your theme needs to go in a repository on GitHub.

Step 2: Make an API key

We need to generate a set of credentials for GitHub to use to deploy changes to your repository.

Head over to the Integrations section of your Ghost site.

Under Custom Integrations, create a new one. I called mine Theme Deployment but the name does't matter; just give it something sensible.

We'll get a Content API key and an Admin API key. Copy the Admin API key.

Step 3: Add the API Key as a Secret

Great - we've now created some admin credentials. Now we need to give them to GitHub.

In your repository's settings on GitHub, go to Secrets.

Make two secrets:


^ with the value as the API key you copied earlier



^ with your site's admin URL. If your site is self-hosted, this is probably https://yoursite.tld (take care to omit any trailing slashes). Otherwise, if you're using the official SaaS, it should be

There we go ✅

4. Turn on the Action

We've now got to tell GitHub how to deploy our theme.

Create a .github folder in your theme repo, and a workflows folder within that. Now create a yaml file within this folder named something like deploy-theme.yml

name: Deploy Theme
      - master
    runs-on: ubuntu-18.04
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Deploy Ghost Theme
        uses: TryGhost/action-deploy-theme@v1.4.0
          api-url: ${{ secrets.GHOST_ADMIN_API_URL }}
          api-key: ${{ secrets.GHOST_ADMIN_API_KEY }}

This sample config uses the Action prebuilt by the Ghost team.

It amounts to running a Linux container that POSTs to https://yoursite.tld/ghost/api/{version}/admin/themes every time you push to master.

5. Watch it work!

Head on over to... watch it work in real time!

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