I Use SQLite For My Ghost Site And You Can Too

Hi folks. Short blerb today!

You probably not need to run MySQL for your personal Ghost site. It's one more thing to install, configure, secure, and patch - so don't bother! SQLite works just fine and dandy.

And if you actually do at some point in the future, for...$reasons?

Ghost has a great export tool in domain.tld/ghost/#/settings/labs that lets you download all of your site's posts, pages, and settings in json format.*

You can export the lot, stand up a new MySQL instance, blaze through the setup screens, and import all your stuff just as it was!

(Yes, I have tested it!)

Screenshot of migrations section of Ghost settings. Displays import, export, and reset options.
One button to export, one button to import. How cool is that?!

*Please note: If you intend to migrate between servers, rather than just switching databases, you'll also have to backup the /var/lib/ghost/content/images folder manually.

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